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Altec: “I think it’s nice to have a very big sports team back us up and stuff like that. But I guess there isn’t really much difference, I would say (yet).”

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim talked briefly with FlyQuest’s Johnny “Altec” Ru during Week 1 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Andrew Kim: One of the things that is interesting for the fans was the creation of FlyQuest. The Milwaukee Bucks bought the LCS spot and the roster kind of shifted over with that. Has anything changed since your experience as a part of Cloud9 Challenger and now FlyQuest?

Johnny “Altec” Ru: Not really. I guess we were kind of late in setting up the housing and stuff like that because obviously players would want to see what they want to do, whether they want to stay together or not, stuff like that. The sale of the team as well, so we’re a little late on getting a house and getting it all set up. But it was OK because we ended up playing together again, but with the addition of Moon (Galen Holgate), we needed some time to match with him, stuff like that? It’s been a good transition, I would say.

AK: Do you find that being part of a major sports organizations such as the Bucks has added to your experience or has it taken away in some aspects? Any major differences?

JR: I think it’s nice to have a very big sports team back us up and stuff like that. But I guess there isn’t really much difference, I would say (yet). It’s just nice to have people that are there to back us up.

AK: As a member of the NA LCS, you’ll be facing your old team and other teams with new talent. How do you like your team’s chances this split?

JR: I think the NA LCS rosters are all pretty stacked, I would say. It’s kinda hard to tell who will win. TSM lost to C9 2-0. I guess that was kind of unexpected. So I think that going through the weeks, a lot of teams would continue to improve and I think that we can make it to playoffs for sure, because we have Balls (An Le), LemonNation (Derek Hart), and Hai (Hai Lam), all who have played really well in the LCS. And I think that they can help me and Moon be able to reach playoffs. As long as me and Moon are willing to improve and play well.

AK: You mentioned the veteran players on your team. What do you think their focus is? Do you think they’re making sure you and Moon can become solid LCS talent, or are they more about winning the LCS?

JR: I think that since they have already achieved a lot, obviously they don’t want to lose. I think at the same time they want to achieve, make to playoffs. They want to be able to achieve making a final and potentially winning a final again. With their experience and their help, they can help us achieve that too.

AK: Which teams do you think are the most overrated and which teams do you think are the most underrated?

JR: I think P1 and IMT for me are a little bit overrated. I guess I would say a lot of the teams are really close so it’s hard to say, but I think TL and Dignitas can do really well. At the same time I think IMT and P1, they could have some communication errors, so they might falter as well.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games/illustration by Slingshot