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The Highlight’s of Faker’s stream

So Faker’s stream on Twitch came up again, getting over 100,000 viewers and tripled the viewership of the European LCS at some point. He came off as much more natural and relaxed, replacing a team jacket with a white T-shirt and interacting with his teammates as freely as fans may have wanted to see.

I took clips of his stream and translated some of the more interesting moments. Please keep in mind, that the responses can be made in jest (obviously in most cases) and that the team seems to be doing really well with one another.



Q. Who would win if you do a 1 v 1 against Huni?

Faker: If I play properly, I win. He is just a mere meal for me.


Q. Hey Huni, come fix my brother’s computer for him

Faker: Huni is bad with computers so don’t call him.

Huni: Stop man it’s not really funny.

Faker: He’s mad.

Huni: I’m frustrated, I just got ranked level 2.

Faker: He’s mad because he got level 2 ganked.


Q. Please play Yasuo I’m silver and I want to learn.

Faker: You shouldn’t learn Yasuo from me. You might end up in Bronze from Silver.


Q. Huni top Lucian vs. Marrying Huni

Faker: Do you honestly not think making me marrying him is too much? I’d rather die.


Q. Here comes the money. Open your mouth Faker.

Faker: *opens mouth*


Q. Thoughts on American music?

Faker: I like it. I have more pop songs in my playlist.

Huni: Why you fronting like this again man?

Faker: What do you mean? Why are you picking a fight with me?


Q. I’ll always cheer for you Faker, the best mid laner in the world! I’ll come watch your game on the 14th so I’ll see you then!

Faker: Thank you so much.

Blank: Thank you so much. Half of the money goes to me so please donate.

Faker: I hope many of you come see our matches.


Q. Tell Huni to stop picking on Faker.

Faker: Hey a donation is telling you to stop picking on me.

Huni: What do you mean? I’m always playing with you.

Faker: You pick on Potato (team dog) saying that you’re playing with him too huh?

Huni: How does one lead to the other? Can a normal person even come to that conclusion?

Faker: You’re playing with me?


*Team going nuts about a game including shouts of KILL EZREAL*

Faker: What’s the matter guys~

*continued cries of KILL*


Blank: Oh my eyes.

Faker: ….


Q. How many white T-shirts do you have?

Faker: I buy about six every three months so I have a lot.


Q. Which is your super account? Hide on bush? SKT Faker?

Faker: This isn’t my super account. This is my account. This one has my social security number.


Huni: I thought you were going to play seriously. It’s only been 30 seconds since you said that you were going to.

Faker: …..

Huni: Go on, say an excuse.


Q. Hi Faker, Big fans from Hong Kong, fighting!!

Faker: Thank you. Wow! Hong Kong. I like Hong Kong. Huni do you want to go to Hong Kong?

Huni: Yeah

Faker: Do you want me to send you to Hong Kong?

Huni: Yeah

Faker: OK let’s go together. I want to go to Hong Kong too.


Faker: Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me please.


Faker: I’m going to be really really really really serious now.

Huni: Will you stop with that? I’ve seen your grey screen five times now after you got ‘serious.’


Faker: Oh what a good trade! Did you see that? That was my serious play. Here I go! Here comes a MaRin TP!



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