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Peanut: “I’m confident that I can win against all the other junglers as Lee Sin.”


Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan and Han “Peanut” Wang-ho were interviewed by SpoTV  after SK Telecom T1 defeated the bbq Olivers.  After a commanding performance as Lee Sin, Peanut discussed his confidence level and his dissatisfaction from SKT’s previous match against the Afreeca Freecs.

“I’m confident that I can win against all the other junglers as Lee Sin,” he said. “Champions like Graves have no CC, so it’s hard to gank with him. In the Afreeca match, even though I thought Graves is not a good choice, we lost, so it left a scar on my pride and I feel like I lacked a lot of things.”

Peanut referenced the Afreeca match several times during the interview.

“I also followed the team’s decision to make less mistakes, and today’s match was one I had to win, since I had a disappointing showing in the previous match against Afreeca,” he said. “I think I did a good job at the end today. I would say I did a good job with the dive in the bottom lane. I think that was good, and the rest is just me doing my job.”

Wolf commented briefly about bbq Olivers’s bans of Nami, Malzahar, and Thresh. Wolf didn’t seem phased by this choice, although the Thresh ban was a pleasant surprise for him.

“Rather than feeling any way about it, I can do well with any other champion, so I just said I’ll play someone else,” he said. “Since I was good at (Thresh) before, I think they may have perceived it to be a threat today. The coach always seemed dissatisfied with my Thresh, so I feel a bit more validated with this.”

Peanut closed the interview by once again apologizing to the fans for his recent lack luster performances and promised to improve.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to show great performances after moving to SKT, I work hard to improve from today’s match,” he said.


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