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Faker stream highlights, Part 3

That week off is really putting the SK Telecom T1 players to work in terms of streaming schedules. But more streams means more greens, and I’m certainly not complaining (and I bet you aren’t, either). Faker streamed again Wednesday morning, so here are the highlights with translations.

Please keep in mind, that the responses can be made in jest (obviously in most cases) and that the team seems to be doing really well with one another.


F: I’m dead. Flash! That was worth! We won the trade!

*Sky Ryze on the enemy team appears*

F: Wait, Sky! Are you going to do me like this?

*Rest of Faker’s team shows up*

F: He has no flash! I’ll interrupt your ult with my cocoon, don’t worry!


F: Cocoon 2 seconds! 2 seconds!

*Sky appears again*

F: Wait we have a suspicious person behind us. Someone suspicious. What? What? Why won’t the cocoon go off?

*Two allies slain*

F: That’s not my fault at all. Nope.


F: Ah! I’m sorry. We won this one. Sky are you going to keep being in front? Ok I’ll be in the back.


F: I played so hard that I couldn’t hear the donation sounds but the AD Carry, top, and jungle all didn’t play well so we lost.


F: I’m too lazy to use skins. I’m much too lazy.


Donation: Who wins in a 1 v 1, you or Sky?

F: Of course I win. Did you not see my cocoons last game?


Faker: Playing Teemo doesn’t make you a criminal. If you play Teemo, you’re a Teemo main, not a criminal.


Donation: The opposing ADC is Bang. We gotta exact our revenge on him with Teemo.

F: Bang is on the other team? Let’s go Teemo. I’m going to throw shrooms at him. Wait I’m mid. Next time.


Donation: Faker I’ll buy the shirt you’re wearing at a high price.

F: No sale. No sale.


F: Wait when did Lee Sin die? He got executed! Tell everyone! Spread the word!


Donation: *$100* Now your mind is at peace.

F: *Deep breathing*


F: Wait what’s going on? No! I died while laughing at the enemy.


F: We won this one.

Donation: Saying you won = losing the game

F: No no. We won.


F: Singed? Singed? Where are you going? Where are you going?? That won’t work! You can’t push that! Excuse me? If you blocked them it wouldn’t be over.


*Twitch chat spams ResidentSleeper because Faker won’t play Teemo or Zed*

F: Is chat lying down again? Why? Why?


Donation: So I pray onto you, may your love become more abundant with intelligence and infinite wisdom.

F: Thank you Father.

Questions? Suggestions? Something I missed? Something you’d like translated? You can find me on Twitter @Korean_Mulan or through my email!

Cover photo courtesy of Twitch


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