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Riot Korea doubles down on its playful trolling of Deft with Top 5 out-plays video

Riot Korea and Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu appear to be at a hilarious impasse.

A few weeks ago, Riot Korea shared a picture on social media with Deft’s head comically blown up. When Deft asked Riot to make his head smaller, Riot Korea obliged and made his head extra small, a tongue-in-cheek moment between Riot Korea and one of its most well known players.

In Riot Korea’s latest Top 5 Out-plays video, they double down on the joke and make Deft host the show, but they split him up into two characters; the small headed “shoulder gangster” Dae-ft (the Chinese character 大, meaning large, is read ‘Dae’) and the large headed, “kind mad” So-ft (the Chinese character 小, meaning small is read ‘So’). The two entities are the same yet different, as can be seen in the video uploaded to League of Legend’s Korean Facebook page:

Here are some of the funnier moments in the video:

What an Entrance

Daeft: Greetings, I am the shoulder gangster Dae-ft. You are already dead.

Kr Zed God?

Dae-ft: You call yourself Kr Zed God…I shall acknowledge your guts.

A Most Impressive Title

So-ft: The title already makes us look forward to it. On top of that this person joined the 1-v-1 tournament as well.

Dae-ft: Hmm…a 1-v-3. Feel free to try and impress me.

Off the Mark

Dae-ft: Well, it’s not as impressive as our Fiora, but this should get you to the finals without problems. I guarantee it.

*Apparently the player dropped in the preliminaries*

KR Jungle Bard in My Game?

Dae-ft: I like your creative pick. But I don’t want you to play on my team.

So-ft: Well this is pretty much a troll pick, but seeing as how it’s a normal game, we’ll let it slide.

Tumbling into a Penta

Dae-ft: Still lacking compared to me, the best AD Carry in the world, but you tumble well for a regular person. Kudos.

So-ft: I found my long lost younger brother!

The next episode will apparently feature Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho as the guest, so KT fans certainly have a lot to look forward to.


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