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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

There was a thread today on reddit about autimatic’s “insane” stats in the past year. The strange thing about the thread is that only a few people bothered to point out that the stats are completely out of context as it includes minor leagues, onlines leages, tier 3 or minor leagues. It made me think that people have a bad time understanding how to filter stats to make it useful in contextualizing their ability. I might write an entire article about stats later, but for now I’ll show some basic ways to think about and filter stats.

First, we need a baseline of who we are comparing autimatic to. As the title says insane, I assume we should rate him compared to the top tier of players. In that case take out all of the online tournaments. Then take out all of the minor leagues, tier 3 touurnaments.

Here is what we have left:

Tier 1:

ECS Season 1 (under TSM) Top 4

ELeague Season 1 (under TSM) 17-22

Starladder i-League Season 2 Top 4

ELeague Season 2 9-12

DreamHack Las Vegas 9-12th

IEM Katowice 9-10

Tier 1.5:

Dreamhack Bucharest 2nd

ESL Pro League 1st

IEM Oakland – 7-8th

ECS Season 2 – 7-8th

Tier 2:

Northern Arena Toronto 2016 2nd

IBuyPower Masters 2nd

DreamHack Winter 2016 5-6


So what were his ratings at these 12 events?

IEM Katowice: 1.26

DH Vegas: 0.94

ECS Season 2: 1.04

DreamHack Winter: 1.12

IEM Oakland: 0.94

EPL Finals: 1.31

ELeague Season 2: 1.17

DreamHack Bucharest: 1.04


Northern Arena: 1.15

ECS Season 1 Finals: 1.07

IBuyPowers: 1.31

What does all of this tell us? Not much actually as I didn’t then break it down even further into opponents faced and then compared him to players of the same position across the same period of time. You also need to look at his rating and then the place where Cloud 9 ended. And then you need to compare him to the top tier players to understand if these stats were really “insane” compared to his peer group of top tier players.

Basically, there is a lot more to think about when using stats to prove that a player is insane or not.


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