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Faker stream highlights, March 20: Aatrox is “worse than Teemo,” team iPhone, making fun of Huni’s underwear commercial

Hey guys, it’s been a while. Sorry for the lack of highlights from his recent streams. To make it up, here are a collection of moments ranging from Faker’s bathroom troubles to Huni’s underwear commercials!

Please keep in mind, that the responses can be made in jest (obviously in most cases) and that the team seems to be doing really well with each other.


Donation: You still look handsome with your hair parted to one side. lol

F: Thank you. Parted to one side? It’s because it’s gotten flat. The sides got fluffier too.


[Context: Faker has been talking before the game started about how he felt like he needed to use the bathroom]

F: I’m regretting now that I didn’t dodge. I should have dodged. You can see my face becoming more uncomfortable, right?


Donation: I went to the bathroom in your stead Senpai! Please win!

F: Thank you. It doesn’t help me that you went to the bathroom though. I’m the one who needs to go.


[Kills Talon to level up at the perfect time]

F: Now I can survive! What a dangerous game.

Huni: Wow you’re playing that game really lazily.

F: What do you mean?


[Return from the bathroom]

H: Did you (defecate)?

F: What are you saying? I just “went to the bathroom.”

H: One of my donations said that you clogged the toilet and asked why I didn’t go help you.


F: What is this? I want to play!


F: Why do I have to invite someone? I don’t have anyone to invite. Hello?


Donation: Since you poo’d (commonly used phrase when someone does terribly in a game), why not play Teemo?

F: I already went to the bathroom, so I shouldn’t poo again.


Donation: I came back from a business trip. I didn’t immigrate. Take a donation.

F: Thank you so much. Wow, you’re making money just to give it to me.


Donation: Senpai please tell us what phone you’re using.

F: I use an iPhone. I used to have a Galaxy but I dropped it in worlds when I was in another country and it broke.


F: Teemo OP y/y? Teem OP y/y?


F: Wow, Teemo can’t flash over the wall. Teemo is a crap champion. He can’t even flash over a wall properly.


Donation: It’ll be really crappy to ask you to play Aatrox right?

F: Aatrox is legit worse than Teemo, everyone. I can’t play him. Worse than Teemo.


F: It’s gotten popular to use English (in game). It looks like you’re good at English. Or maybe they think they look like it?


Donation: Is Winter (the team dog) cute or is Peanut cute?

F: Hmm. Do I have to choose? I will give no comment. But of course Winter is cuter.


F: Wow you didn’t accept the game for me?

H: Why are you picking a fight with me again~

F: You did something wrong!

H: Why are you picking a fight with me again?

F: Why didn’t you accept for me?

H: Why are you picking a fight with me again? I’m losing!

F: Man the guy next to me didn’t accept the game for me.


F: When is Huni showing up? Oh this is explicit. It’s for adults.

H: You could get banned for watching that on stream.

F: Really?

H: Of course.

F: I’m sorry everyone.


Donation: You said that Blank was sexier than Huni before, but is Huni sexier now? Do you like the underwear?

F: When did I say that?

H: Don’t look down on my underwear.

F: I think a lot of ladies will buy them.

H: Those?

F: I don’t think guys would buy them.


F: I’m a really — ugh….My eyes are rotting.

[Rewinds to Huni’s part]

F: What is this?

H: What?


F: *Facepalm* Not buying. Not buying. No sale. Nope.


[Rare footage of Faker having fun]


H: Wow I’m in trouble. I’m 500 points in Challenger.

F: You’re on 500 points? Everyone he’s gotten down to 500 points! Not that surprising though.

[Checks Huni’s match history]

F: Wow! Just what are these games?


F: I thought something was weird; I didn’t change my wallpaper.

Donation: Someone on Inven made a photoshop of you as Talon. You should use that. I do. It’s a cool photoshop.

F: I think it’ll be bad luck for me if I keep looking at Talon. I did see the photoshop you mentioned though. It was well done.


F: I only slept five hours yesterday and the day before. Was it five? Maybe four and a half? So I’m a bit tired.


Donation: Is Viktor a good champion? (In English)

F: He’s a passable champion (In Korean). How do you say that in English? He’s so-so (In English).


F: Aw man~ why do people keep dodging? Why are there so many people who need to go poop this late?


F: Let’s get him! Come here! What? Just surrender. I give up. No more. *Spamming /ff*

Questions? Suggestions? Something I missed? Something you’d like translated? You can find me on Twitter @Korean_Mulan or through my email!

Cover photo courtesy of Twitch


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