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Bang during ‘Weekly LCK’ visit: “When (kkOma)’s really mad, he’s aware of the camera so he says ‘I’ll talk to you guys inside.'”

Bae “Bang” Jun-sik followed his teammate with another episode of “Weekly LCK” and gave insight into himself, but more importantly, SK Telecom T1 coach Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun.

“Weekly LCK” is hosted by OGN’s Kim “Dangun” Ui-joong, one of the OGN casters (Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo or Kim Dong-jun), and one special guest. It’s a televised talk show akin to Conan or the Tonight Show, in which they go over notable moments of the week, a look behind recorded conversations between pros before, during, and after games, and an overall wrap up of events. Interviews with the invited guest are sprinkled here and there, and the overall mood is intentionally lighthearted and comedic.

The comedic and blunt AD Carry of SKT was the show’s second player guest, and he might have one-upped his support.

Bang and kkOma

“I met the coach for the first time when I joined SK Telecom, and before then I was a pro gamer by title, but I didn’t find the important meaning of what being a pro gamer is at the time. In a sense, I was just a kid who was pretty good at the game. Then I met the coach and my teammates. I met good people before then for sure, but they taught me why I had to win. I also learned how to win.”

The story behind kkOma’s Rolex

“Last year I went to IEM and passed by the Frankfurt airport with some time on my hands. I saw a store that sold wrist watches, and the coach came up to me and said, ‘Hey Bang, if we win worlds this year, buy me a watch!’ At the moment we were seventh (in the standings), and when we left to go to IEM, we weren’t looking great. Regardless of that, I said I would buy him one if we won. When we won, I looked at him and said, ‘Coach! Coach! The watch!’ He even took a picture of the watch at the airport so I had no way out. He has a habit of taking photos and videos as proof of stuff. Even now we have some bets that are underway.”

What do you mean that wasn’t the only gift?

CT: We also heard that most of the furniture in his house was gifted to him by the players?

B: Yeah.

The kkOma Hurricane

“He’s actually feeling pretty good in those clips. When he’s really mad, he’s aware of the camera so he says “I’ll talk to you guys inside.” That only happens when we’re in absolutely terrible form. Moments when we can only win by making no mistakes whatsoever.”

But does it work?

DG: When you do make a mistake though, are you aware that you might get scolded later on?

B: Of course.

DG: It is quite effective then.

Maximizing SKT’s feedback

Practice time is really hard for me. When I make a bad Flash, he takes note of it in his memo pad down the the time of when I made the mistake. This is the same for every player, and I think that I need to be better, since it is that way. During feedback the players are all there so when the mistakes are pointed out I feel embarrassed and think that I played really badly. When you make a lot of mistakes, it means more time is spent looking at them, and seeing as there is a limited amount of time for feedback, it’s in our interest to make as little as possible to go look into smaller mistakes more deeply.

100 percent true facts

CT: Who gets negative feedback the least?

B: It was always the bottom lane. Since 2015, and 16, and 17, it was always the bottom lane.

CT: The reason I say this is because even when I talk to kkOma privately, he talks about what a treasure his bottom lane is.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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