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Who is MonteCristo?

Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles is an American esports commentator, most well known for his work as OGN’s English caster for League of Legends Champions Korea. His highly analytical understanding of the game garnered him support as the one of the experts of the Korean League of Legends scene. He currently casts OGN’s Overwatch Apex.

MonteCristo’s affinity for Korea and its esports teams is very well known. Often the “conductor of the Korean hype train,” his attitude was accepted by Koreans as well, who affectionately call him “Kim Monte,” for his unwavering support for Korean esports pros.

Monte is also a vocal advocate of the rights of the esports casters to get proper compensation and representation without having to be tied down to a single game or company, and he heavily criticized Riot Games for not paying casters enough money. Often making his concerns heard through social media or a number of his own online shows such as “Summoning Insight,” it was no secret that he had some conflicts with Riot.

He has since stopped casting League of Legends in favor of Overwatch, although he is still an OGN English caster. He still remains close to the League of Legends scene. He was formerly a co-owner of Renegades, a multi-game organization that was forced to sell its spot in the North American League of Legends Championship Series. He sold the organization in September to Jonas Jerebko, an NBA player for the Boston Celtics.


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