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Starladder Kiev ro8 predictions

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

The playoffs of Starladder are set with G2 vs. FaZe and HR vs North in the top half; Na`Vi vs Fnatic and Astralis vs CLG in the bottom half.

For G2 vs FaZe, I have G2 winning the series. They have looked excellent in the group stages, while FaZe have struggled. What is most telling to me is that the FaZe players still have some bad habits like over peeking or losing focus in small man situations. On top of that I think G2 in skill matches or exceeds almost all of their counterparts except for NiKo. NiKo can be the best player in the server, but it will take more than that to get past G2.

For HR vs North, I have North winning. I used to believe in HellRaisers when I first started watching CS:GO over 2 years ago, but they have continually let me down every time they got to playoffs. As a skill based team, they’re too inconsistent for my tastes while North has both aizy and Konfig firing. In addition to that, North have expanded to 6 maps in their pool so I favor them.

For Fnatic vs Na`Vi, I don’t have a clue. GuardiaN has shown a resurgence in form, s1mple is back to god mode, flamie hasn’t shown up yet and seized is making me remember why I thought he was a top 5 player in his position. Fnatic however are looking more dangerous than ever. Dennis has recovered, olofmeister has recoved, KRiMZ has recovered, JW has continued his recent form and flusha continues to have impact. There isn’t a weak link in the line-up right now. In addition to that, Fnatic have expanded their dimension of play with structure as they’ve shifted some roles around and now include executes. The question of who wins boils down to this question. Do I think Na`Vi’s firepower can show up in 3 maps to take the series? Do I believe in s1mple and GuardiaN or the Fnatic roster revived? Even the historical losses doesn’t help when considering Na`Vi. Their losses came in bo3s when they depended solely on Flamie. When they depended solely on s1mple, he took them all the way to the finals of ESL NY and he carried Liquid to victory against Fnatic at the Major.

I can see this going either way, but since I have to choose I’ll go with s1mple. I’ll bet it on the player I think has the talent and work ethic to be the GOAT.

Astralis vs CLG. Astralis. Astralis? Astralis.

So I think it ends with G2 vs North and Na`Vi vs Astralis in semis.


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