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Understanding responsibility

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

I started to seriously study competitive gaming once StarCraft 2 came out as I was curious how far I could go. Eventually I came to watch and study the game. After that, I started to watch team esports games. And in one particular sense 1-v-1 games are easier to study than 5-v-5 or 6-v-6 games for this one aspect: all responsibility is laid onto one person.

In team games, people assume¬† the leader is micro-managing the players, which is rarely the case (the only one I’ve heard of doing this is Ex6TenZ).¬†Because of that, and the lack of team comms, it becomes hard to delineate a particular action, whether it was done by the player, called by the leader or called by a teammate.

The same can be said for an overall strategic decision. We give props to the leader, but sometimes the second caller directed a particular action that swung the game. This happened before when FalleN said Coldzera calls sometimes for SK Gaming.

Because of the potential confusion, I’ve found the best way to test an individual’s actions is across a multitude of games. If the player consistently does the same type of risky moves, it’s likely the player’s own preference rather than the leader. In that sense, it’s similar to SC2. No amount of coaching or losses could ever get MKP to not play like a greedy idiot.


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