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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

I wrote yesterday about using Dota 2 notation to think about roles as to how resources are used per team. This time I’ll write about extra roles that are usually not considered but have critical importance.

The Leader. Everyone understands the role of leader, but the general problem with thinking of the leader is that we assign him all responsibility when we don’t need to think of this anymore. It was true prior to the increase of money in the scene and lack of respect for coaches.

The leader before was responsible for tactics, team mentality, preparation and his own skill. If you can get a leader like this still (FalleN comes to mind), then that”s great. But you don’t need to as we can split all of those roles.

Now the coaches need to take over mentality and preparation.

There is the second shot-caller. SK has Coldzera, EG had Fear (Dota 2), North has cajunb, FaZe has NiKo. The thing about these 5-v-5 games is there is so much information to consume with so many extra players that having a second pair of eyes that can analyze the information and either feed information or make their own calls that fall into the system is invaluable.

Another role is spiritual leader. This is the player who¬†convinces everyone to get on the same page and gets them to buy into the system. Freakazoid is the first person I think of who fulfilled this role. He forced the C9 players to buy into seangares’ system and was one of the keys to that team’s success.

A preparation/strategic coach can enhance a team. The people I think of when it comes to this are people like Zikz from League of Legends or Bulba in Dota 2.  Zikz is able to give a structure to his team and gets more out of his pieces relative to many other coaches in the League. Bulba does a similar thing, but it comes in understanding hero composition and how it affects gold/strategic decision in the game.

A glue guy is the player who can soothe multiple personalities that clash against each other. I get the feeling that this was one of Fear’s jobs in EG. To try to stop the RTZ vs. ppd clashes from getting out of control.

The last his one I can think of right now is instigator. This is the player who motivates his team or tries to instigate his team to play at a higher level. TaZ is the obvious choice here. He likes to talk trash or force a certain amount of pressure on his team to perform.

I could expand into various roles in-game, but I’ll save that for another time.


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