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NA LCS semifinalists brag about their team

NA LCS semifinalists
Slingshot asked members of the advancing teams to brag about their team and say why they'll reach the finals and, ultimately, win the championship.

With the spring split of the North American League of Legends Championship Series coming to a close, the title of the “Best team” is becoming clearer each week. After 10 weeks of play, the final four teams are set: Cloud9 will play Phoenix1 and Team SoloMid will play FlyQuest, with the winners meeting next Sunday in Vancouver to determine who wins the split and gets to represent the region at the Mid-Season Invitational.

In post-game interviews after the quarterfinals, Slingshot asked members of the advancing teams to brag about their team and say why they’ll reach the finals and, ultimately, win the championship. Their answers are below. (Editor’s note: Neither Team SoloMid nor Cloud9, the other two North American LCS semifinalists, responded to requests to participate.)

Yu “Ryu” Sang-wook, Phoenix1: All my teammates are kind and fun to be around. The organization also is the best in terms of management during my time overseas, and they take care of everything quickly as well. I think I’m in a great team.

Kim “Fly” Sang-chul (coach), Phoenix1: The players have nice personalities. You say that some have strong ones, and that may be true, but they are kind. They’re on the nicer side. The team is also really good with food, so I’m gaining a lot of weight.

Galen “Moon” Holgate, FlyQuest: Wow, that’s hard. Brag about my team. Alright so Balls, Balls is a fucking god on tanks. He’s super good and he communicates when he needs to. Hai has always got my back. Hai’s always the one who’s willing to fight, willing to back people up, willing to sacrifice for people. Altec is fucking good at playing carry champions, he will carry any game. If he gets kills early, he will fucking carry. And Lemon (Daerek “LemonNation” Hart) is really good at knowing where to be and supporting the team and basically helping Johnny carry, I feel like…Honestly it’s not just the individual players. As a team we have the teamwork over other teams, I think.

Hai “Hai” Du Lam, FlyQuest: So I think as a team we have the least resources available to us and we’re still pretty damn good. A lot of people say we suck, that we faltered off the split, but we’re trying to switch to a different style of playing the game and trying out new champions. So to everyone that says we suck, they can basically fuck themselves you know? Even if we do suck, whatever, fuck them you know? I don’t really care. We’re working at getting better as a team, and just everyone on the team understands we’re new to this together, we’re gonna get better, and we got this.


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