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Deft on LCK final: “I think it’ll be a 3-2 either way.”

Deft KT Rolster LCK final
Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu’s surprise Jinx pick in the bottom lane was less impressive than his stats on the champion.

Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu’s surprise Jinx pick in the bottom lane was less impressive than his stats on the champion.

KT Rolster handily defeated Samsung Galaxy 3-0 on Saturday in the League Champions Korea semifinals to advance to play rival SK Telecom T1 in the finals. After the match, Deft talked in a video interview with Fomos about his pocket Jinx pick and how it wasn’t really something on which he relied.

“I barely use Jinx nowadays, but as I practiced her a number of times in preparation and I thought she was pretty good despite my unsatisfactory games,” he said “I don’t think she’s good in every situation, but I think I can use her depending on what’s going on.”

Deft boasted an impressive undefeated streak as Jinx, and was famous for his Jinx play during his time in China. With 33 wins and only two losses as Jinx, Deft said that he didn’t really notice that he “played her that much,” sand said that he hopes “to get a lot of chances to play her in future.”

On the topic of KT’s rather lackluster start to the split, Deft acknowledged the criticism from the community and said it feels good to make it to the finals despite the public perception. He also shared his utter confidence in the coaching staff’s drafting, saying that “as long as we could do as they said, we would win 3-0.”

The “Telecom Wars” will decide the spring LCK champion, with KT Rolster playing first place SKT for the championship. SKT won both regular season matches 2-1, and Deft said he expects the game to be similarly close this weekend.

“When we played against them in the regular season, we were lacking as a team and showed poor performances in the mid to early game, but I think we fixed a lot of that, so It think the finals will be fun,” he said. “I always think that we’ll do well if we play like we always do, but SKT is also very strong team, so I think it’ll be a 3-2 either way.”


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