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The Longzhu-IM enigma

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

I was watching “Talk to Thorin” with LS, and LS called Longzhu an enigma. I thought I’d expand on that as someone who had followed this org since it’s inception in StarCraft 2.

In League of Legends, IM was able to secure sponsorship last year from Longzhu. With that money they got a “super team” with a lot of subs. There was a lot of hype around the team at the time, but I was always suspicious. This had nothing to do with any kind of analysis as I don’t follow League of Legends enough to give any kind of analytical point of view on the individual players or team. It was based solely on my experience I had with IM in SC2.

That’s a weird thing to point out, as SC2 is a 1-v-1 game and even in the team leagues they are just a series of 1-v-1s. But the problem was that they routinely failed to put out a coherent lineup or counter pick. As managers, I never found them to be very good as they were never able to get sponsorships to fund the players, and even the one they had with LG ran out early on and they kept putting it in front of their names for appearance’s sake. They seemed to be able to find a lot of talent early on, players like Seed, Yonghwa and Losira. But none of them ever met the potential of what people thought they could become. All of them ran into the same problems of never evolving their game.

Even when we look at their two superstar players, Nestea and Mvp, we can say with certainty that IM didn’t particularly help them evolve their game. Nestea had the exact same problems he always had. Every piece of Mvp media I could get my hands on all point to the fact that Mvp was his own mastermind. His injuries eventually phased him out of the game.

I bring all of this up because Longzhu can get a bunch of talent, but they keep failing because the org itself isn’t good.

In contrast to this is MVP. The manager of that team is Choi, a person who gained my respect because he was able to get strong results in every game he has touched. Sc2, LoL, Heroes, Dota 2. He did it with far less resources.

While it makes sense that star players go to Longzhu for the bigger payday, MVP likely have a better support staff because Choi is way better at finding the right people for the right job.


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