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Highlights from G2’s post-match press conference from EU LCS spring final

EULCS spring final G2
After defeating Unicorns of Love 3-1 to claim the spring split championship for the European League of Legends Championship Series, members of G2 spoke with the gathered press.

After defeating Unicorns of Love 3-1 to claim the spring split championship for the European League of Legends Championship Series, members of G2 spoke with the gathered press. Highlights are below:

How did the team prepare for the finals?

Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez: It feels really good and relieved. I wanted to win, obviously. I am happy but mostly relieved. We prepared more for Fnatic than for Unicorns. That sounds bad but we felt Fnatic had more things that would catch us off guard than Unicorns..

Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen: I think it was more just one step toward MSI. I think MSI is the real goal here. To perform well at MSI is more important than winning today.

Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool: The first time we won, it was an underdog story, so we were very happy. We had to defend our title, so expectations went up. So when we beat Splyce last summer, it felt like a lot of stress coming off our shoulder. Right now there was even more pressure than there was in summer split because we’re the two-time defending champions, we failed at worlds, and we want to redeem ourselves again…there was so much pressure on us that winning was more of a relief.

Luka “Perkz” Perkovic on if he is the best mid laner in Europe: Yeah, of course (laughs)…I was spamming a lot of solo queue, relying on mechanics rather than my decision making or my brain. After (last) spring split, you could say I had an ego clash during the summer split because I thought I was a lot better than everyone else by a big margin. And whether I was or maybe I wasn’t, that’s not even the point. I got kind of a reality check at worlds. It hit me really hard.

Zven on impact of additional support staff this split: We got Weldon (Green) first of all, and we also got our analyst, Duffman, to the house recently. Before we had Alex, but he has some visa issues he has to fix right now, so he’s not at the house. But we work a lot with our analyst…I think Weldon has changed things with the team. Not necessarily in-game things, but how to think about the game and how to stay focused in the present…He helped to change the way we scrim and make it much better.

Perkz on his mindset after UOL won Game 3: It’s really boring to go 3-0 or 2-0. I’m not even joking. I have more fun when I lose a game because there’s something to play for. You can actually lose, you know? Nice, now it’s interesting. So when we lost Game 3 I was really excited to play Game 4 because I just really like the rush.

Zven on UOL being the fan favorite: That’s usually the case anyway, so it’s starting to be normal at this point. Maybe if we do well at MSI, we can make up a little bit for what happened in the past, and it will change some fans’ minds. I think right now, I feel like people are either fans or haters, and anyone in the middle who are skeptical, can be turned around if something good happens to us at MSI. So I think there’s a lot to gain and not much to lose for us.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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