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FlyQuest’s Moon on Vancouver crowd: “It was way better than I imagined.”

FlyQuest Moon Vancouver crowd
Slingshot’s Andrew Kim caught up with FlyQuest’s Galen “Moon” Holgate following the third place match of the North American League of Legends Championship Series spring finals.

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim caught up with FlyQuest’s Galen “Moon” Holgate following the third place match of the North American League of Legends Championship Series spring finals.

Andrew Kim: It must be a bittersweet feeling for you right now, to make it to the big stage you wanted to be in, but then lose. However you delivered a great five-game-series where a lot of 3-0’s are happening. There has to be a sense of fulfillment in you, right?

Galen “Moon” Holgate: I still feel really sad right now, but I think in a couple of days I’ll be fine, and I’ll be ultimately happy with our splits. After Game 2 and Game 3, it’s so awesome playing in front of a huge stage when everyone’s cheering and people are chanting FlyQuest and stuff like that. You get so much energy from that, and I really just want to work super hard so I can play in front of bigger and bigger crowds.

AK: Even in the middle of Game 5, when you made the 3-for-2 trade, the crowd was going nuts, and I’m sure you heard the FlyQuest chants. Was the experience everything you hoped it would be?

GH: It was way better than I imagined. I can’t really explain it. It’s a feeling you really can’t get anywhere else. For NA LCS, the crowd’s there, but it’s like 100 versus 5,000. For everyone else on my team it’s like “Oh yeah, it’s only 5,000 people, it’s not a big deal,” but this is the the only crowd that I’ve actually played in front of, so it was a really good experience.

AK On the topic of Games 2 and 3, you looked dominant with aggressive ganks and being involved with first bloods. How would you evaluate your performance over the course of the five games?

GH: I think Inori (Rami Charagh) out-jungled me for sure. Game 2 and Game 3 he played really poorly. His Gragas was really bad. His build was bad, his play was bad, everything about his Gragas was bad. His pathing was bad, he just didn’t seem comfortable on the champion, so Games 2 and 3 I played really well, but once he started playing Elise he just destroyed me, in terms of his play and his team play. Both teams that had Ivern, Games 1 and 2, played very well with the Ivern, so I think Ivern’s just OP. I would say he out-jungled me this series.

AK: You played on patch 7.6 while the live patch is on 7.8. With summer in front of you, are there any jungle picks or characters you’ve been eyeing at?

GH: I’m going to learn Lee Sin, so I’m excited for that. I’m going to practice a shit ton of Lee Sin in solo queue. I started to stream as well, and during this off season we have two weeks off and then start practice again, so I’m going to try and stream a lot during those two weeks. Try to rest up and focus more on solo queue. Right now I’m stuck in Diamond. I just solo queue after scrims, and I just like messing around so I want to focus, get back toward high ELO, and try to stream.

AK: How much of your decision to practice Lee Sin is impacted by the God Fist Lee Sin skin?

GH: None. I just want to learn the champion. My Lee Sin is bad, but if I put in a lot of games my Lee Sin will be really good, so I just got to do it.

AK: Did you try to stay up early into the morning to watch the LCK finals?

GH: I did not. I didn’t watch any of the games. I saw SKT 3-0’d, but that’s all I saw. I saw of Lulu mid vs. LeBlanc and Karma mid vs. LeBlanc. But that’s all I saw.

AK: Was there anyone on the team that wanted to watch before they went to bed?

GH: No one stayed up that late. We had to be up at 8:30-9 to get ready for the games, so there’s no way.

AK: You had an impressive split, but I’m sure you’re not satisfied. What is something that you want to work on before the summer split?

GH: I think it’s definitely in-game mechanics. I think there’s a lot of champions I play super well. There’s a lot of champions I’m super comfortable on since I spam them in solo queue, but there are some champions that I’m not very good at. So I need to get better at playing all champions in my pool really well. The rest of it just comes down to playing more in LCS and becoming more and more comfortable with that because I think I’m really confident and really comfortable in scrims, and I’m confident and comfortable on stage too, but I think I can improve it more.

AK: Going forward, seeing as how FlyQuest got a lot of fans, and you also got a large Twitter following, the next time we talk during the summer split, how many followers do you think you’ll have?

GH: You don’t get any followers on the offseason. I’m at 15,000 right now, I’ll be at — June, it’s in a month and half right? 16 and a half, 17,000? Unless my stream blows up or something and I can get followers from that, I would say 17,000 or something. It’s not going to be that high.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games/illustration by Slingshot.