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Kiev Major Playoffs: Day 1

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Here are some thoughts about Day 1 of the Dota 2 Major Kiev and some thoughts as we head into the second day. I think mouz (formerly Ad-Finem) showed enough skill in the playoffs that they will stick together until The International. Both iG and Liquid looked shaky, but championship teams peak the closer they get to the finals.

Newbee might break. It’s one thing to lose in the top 4-to-top 2 region, but to lose out in the round of 16 is likely unacceptable for them. Especially as the weight of TI is calling them and this is one of their last chances to make a change. If Hao or xiao8 knock on the door of the team house, I think that might be it.

Abed is too good for Digital Chaos. VG.j will likely do “4 protect naga” as long as people let them get away with it.

Virtus.Pro looked good, but their opponent was pretty weak. iG.v do well in China, but every time they come into an international LAN they lose. It might be because their style is bad, but it’s also because a lot of their players choke under pressure. They have had four LANs, and the only good result was DAC. At DAC they only beat Evil Geniuses in a group stage and Empire in the playoffs. Some of their players are good. I’d like them to try to build around Paparazi and dogfights.

Tomorrow the dumbest draw of the bracket is TnC vs. Faceless. This is dumb because I think TnC is a better team against the entire field, but Faceless has a winning matchup against TnC.

OG vs. Random (formerly Wings) should be the must watch as these two teams have had great games against each other throughout this year and last year with the previous iteration. Even in their super weak state, Random seems to play better against OG. Also this will likely be the last time we see these five as I think they’ll disband if they lose this game to OG.

Thunderbirds vs. EG. I think thunderbirds was in disaster prior to this tournament but have seemed to get it together. Is this the power of EE as coach? Whatever the case, I think this is a battle between better skill of EG and a better team identity in Thunderbirds as EG still don’t know who is the primary star, RTZ or SumaiL.

Secret vs. SG should be a heavy favorite to Secret as they are filled with players that have been to international lans before. This is SG’s first time. If there is one player to watch out for on SG esports, it is hFn. He almost made Void work by getting off multiplayer chronos.


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