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High Stakes Showmatches

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

ELEAGUE announced today a show match for $250,000 between Virtus.Pro and Astralis. This is a cool concept and a great way to hype up a one match event. In the same vein, money matches have been prevalent in many other esports games. I’ll highlight some of the important ones here.

NEO vs Clockw0rk. Prior to the release of MvC3, two of the best MvC2 players decided to end the game with a bang. They put up a $15,000 money match made up of their own money and there was around $42,000 going around in side bets at the event. You can watch the VOD here. The highest stakes money match was between Fanatiq and Toan for $50,000. Apparently Toan had to sell his car to put up the money.

Two of the biggest show matches in FGC history had nothing to do with show matches, but are just as famous or even more so because egos were on the line. In Mortal Kombat, Perfect Legend challenged Sonicfox to a first-to-10. He was slaughtered, but that is more of a euphemism for the brutality that was visited upon Perfect Legend. After losing, he then blamed the fact Sonicfox didn’t use the character he was prepping for so they played another first-to-three with Sonicfox playing that character, and then he got slaughtered again. Perfect Legend became a legend for being the first man to lose 13-0 in a first-to-10.

The other famous one was between LTG and Viscant. Viscant’s main game is MvC3, but he was challenged to play in SF4. Here is the aftermath.


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