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Taking Aim Episode 9: “How many conflicts of interest do we need?”

In today’s episode of “Taking Aim,” Vince Nairn, Jarek “DeKay” Lewis and Stephen Chiu discuss ELEAGUE’s $250,000 match between Astralis and They also touch on the winners of IEM Sydney and DreamHack Tours before trying to figure out the problems of Natus Vicnere and North. They also discuss whether or not the Swiss format can work in an eight team tournament.


Time stamps are below:

0:00: ELEAGUE “Clash for the Cash”
7:00: G2 wins Dreamhack Tours, SK wins IEM Sydney
14:15: Starix to Spirt
17:25: Meme or Major: Zeus reviving Pro100
21:20: Memo or Major: North’s struggles
25:20: Meme or Major: Hellraisers recent run
29:00: 1v2: Can Swiss format be useful at eight-team tournaments?
35:00: Over/Under 2.5 LANs until Na’Vi make a roster change
40:00: Over/Under 1.5 times Maikelele gets kicked from his own team
42:30: Over/Under 2.5 times we see Astralis/Faze face each other on LAN playoffs through September


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