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TSM eliminated from MSI, fnx reportedly kicked from Immortals

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League of Legends

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Why Dardoch is a risk worth taking for CLG.

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Lincoln “fnx” Lau will reportedly leave Immortals.

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Duncan “Thorin” Shields’ top five players in the world for May.

A look at the unwritten rules of Counter-Strike.

Interviews with North’s Rene “Cajunb” Borg and Space Soldiers’ Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş.


A look at the top 10 prize pools in esports.

Get On My Level dates were announced (Smash).



Mid-Season Invitational (LoL)

Team SoloMid 1:0 G2

SK Telecom T1 1:0 Flash Wolves

Gigabyte Marines 1:0 Team WE

G2 1:0 Flash Wolves

SKT 1:0 Gigabyte Marines

Team WE 1:0 Team SoloMid


Mid-Season Invitational (LoL)

Team WE 1:0 G2, 2 p.m.

Team SoloMid 1:0 Gigabyte Marines

Flash Wolves 1:0 SKT

Gigabyte Marines 1:0 G2

SKT 1:0 Team SoloMid

Team WE 1:0 Flash Wolves


Mid-Season Invitational (LoL)

SKT 1:0 G2

TSM 1:0 Flash Wolves,

Team WE 1:0 Gigabyte Marines

G2 1:0 TSM

Flash Wolves 1:0 Gigabyte Marines

Team WE 1:0 SKT


Flash Wolves 1:0 TSM


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