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Overwatch player Kaiser leaves Runaway amid speculation he will join a foreign team

Ryu “Kaiser” Sang-hoon left the popular Korean Overwatch team Runaway, to the shock of many of the team’s fans.

Kaiser announced Tuesday on Twitter he left the team and said he would soon give more details about his future. Often referred by the fans as the “Great General” of Runaway, his plays as Reinhart left a strong impression to many fans who have followed Runaway’s story in OGN APEX Season 2.

His standout moment was in the semifinals of APEX Season 2 where he managed to defeat Team LW’s tanker Song “Janus” Jun-hwa — cementing his claim to the best Reinhart player in the world — and played a crucial part in Runaway’s second place finish in the playoffs before losing to the heavily-favored Lunatic Hai.

According to a report by Daily eSports’ Lee Si-woo, Runaway captain Yoon “Runner” Dae-hoon confirmed that Kaiser did leave the team during a personal stream, adding that Kaiser vocalized his wish to leave after his team’s match against Kongdoo UNCIA on Tuesday.

Many fans have received the news with great shock, with many still wondering why he came to that decision. Many speculate he intends to move to a foreign team, as he has a strong grasp of the English language. The story took an odd turn as Kaiser continued to Tweet that he “wasn’t happy,” (in English and Korean) and that he was out drinking after he made the decision, writing “I’m sorry everyone.”

Runaway is 1-1 in Group B of APEX Season 3. The team made waves when the group or largely unknown players made such a deep run in APEX Season 2.

As for Kaiser, there’s been widespread speculation he’s going to a foreign team because he speaks decent English. There’s also an unverified account of Runner’s stream that Runner confirmed Kaiser’s signing with a foreign team. Coincidentally, North America’s Team EnVyUs — which is a participant in OGN APEX — has only one tank player and teased a new player “Coming Soon” on its website. Slingshot hasn’t confirmed this, though, and EnVyUs did not respond to request for comment.


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