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Ping Muting, Surrender at 15 minutes highlight League of Legends Patch 7.10 changes

League of Legends Patch 7. 10 ping muting

Riot Games released League of Legends Patch 7.10 on Tuesday with a lot of mid-season changes still in the works in preparation of the coming summer split of professional play. Here are some of the more interesting changes to hit the Rift.

Heimerdinger turrets hit a lot weaker and a lot less often

The very much loved — or hated — Yordle with uniquely AI-driven turrets has been a subject of experimentation by Riot, with a goal of trying to find a balance between being competitive against players who know how to exploit the AI, while also being not too punishing against those players who aren’t fully able to maneuver around the turrets.

The result is giving Heimerdinger a much more active role with the turrets, by removing some of the self-preservation measures of the turrets and tying the turrets’ charge shots with the successful usage of his grenades and rockets.

Heimer and his allies will no longer make his turrets be able to heal themselves by being in their vicinity, but he will get a movement speed boost with his new passive. The charged laser shots from the turrets will also have their charge time move from 16 to 90 seconds, and no longer come into the field with 70 percent of it already up, with his other abilities reducing the charge time of the lasers when they get into contact with enemy champions.

Rammus potentially rolls back into the meta

Although not originally on the docket for a mid-season rework, he got some attention at the tail end, with a focus on retooling his overly simplistic game play that made him rather uninteresting. Rammus’ play style will also be heavily changed with adjustments to his passive that make him a more interactive and cerebral champion to play.

His new passive will give him bonus magic damage that is 10 percent of his armor value as opposed to gaining 25 percent of his armor as extra damage, and with his new taunt he will gain extra attack speed rather than reducing the target’s armor. That will make him a much more active part of the game compared to his previous play style of dragging squishy targets and hoping his teammates are around.

His Defensive Curl’s cool down is now equal to the duration (six seconds), which on paper makes it seem like it should be an ability that should be activated all the time. But it has an added effect of reducing Rammus’ movement speed by 60 percent, which should make players rethink using it. The activation also amplifies his passive by 50 percent, making him hit harder with the amount of armor he gets. This means with a taunt, which increases Rammus’ attack speed, he will hit targets harder with his passive amplification at the cost of his own mobility.

His ultimate also received a sizable rework with less damage numbers, but he’s now able to do double damage to structures for fast pushes, as well as stack slows on enemy champions, making his ultimate a very useful tool in tying multiple enemies up. This slow stacks up to 96 percent movement speed reduction, so without any sort of escape, enemies caught up in the tremors will be pretty much stationary.

Lulu finally gets nerfed 

Not a substantial change in terms of numbers or gameplay, but as Lulu has been dominating solo queue and professional play, Riot hit the size of her shield a bit so that enemies can still punish bad plays, while also reducing Lulu’s base health to make her more vulnerable.

Maokai’s saplings hurt a lot less — thankfully

For a while there have been a number of videos on Reddit and Twitter about the hilarity of an empowered Maokai sapling outright deleting enemy champions when maxed first. As part of the “Vanguard Update,” Maokai got his own rework — one of which was empowering his saplings to do double damage when thrown into a bush. The saplings then acted like heat-seeking missiles that chased down enemy junglers that didn’t know a sapling was waiting to ruin their days.

The saplings now hurt less and cost more mana to use. Maokai’s his melee abilities received a slight bump in order to keep him relevant in the jungle or in lane.

Ping Muting and Surrender at 15 minutes

Riot also added two new features in the game proper, and both have been received with near unanimous praise.

The first, Ping Muting, has been a long-awaited feature that players have been badgering Riot to add. Although players can be chat restricted based on their in-game behavior, there was no way to stop the annoying amount of ping spamming that chat-restricted players tend to turn to in order to show their great displeasure over a situation. With the new ability to mute them, players can be free of ping abuse and don’t have to deal with those annoying pinging noises by people who intend to use them to disrupt a team.

The second, Surrender at 15 minutes, reduces the surrender time from 20 minutes into a game to 15. A game of League of Legends lasts long, and there have been many voices that 20 minutes is far too long to start a surrender vote, especially in the case where games can be pretty much over in the first 10 to 15 minutes. Less time wasted means more time to get into another game.

For the full patch notes and detailed number tweaks, you can find them on Riot’s website.


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