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Immortals hires former ROX Tigers, Longzhu coach

Coach Ssong Longzhu coach

Immortals announced Thursday the addition of coach Kim “Coach Ssong” Sang-su, former ROX Tigers and Longzhu coach. He will be the head coach of the organization’s League of Legends team.

Coach Ssong said in a statement he received a positive impression of the team’s management and players, commenting that “the coaching staff and the players provide very positive environment to work with.”

CEO Noah Winston said the acquisition of Ssong is not just for the short term “but also on developing our promising rookies for future splits.”

Coach Ssong worked with former ROX head coach Jeong “NoFe” No-chul and is often attributed as one of the brains that made the old ROX team’s drafts so intelligent. After ROX’s disbandment in November, Ssong moved on to be the coach of Longzhu Gaming for the spring split, but he announced his sudden departure on March 1.

Before his time as a coach he was also a mid lane player for Najin Black Sword, though the Najin’s 2013 LCK summer championship and third place worlds run was on the back of Kim “Nagne” Sang-moon. During his peak as a player he was still regarded as one of the most intelligent players in Korea, and was well-known for his dynamic item builds.

Coach Ssong will be Immortals’ third coach since the organization launched before the 2016 spring split. Dylan Falco and Robert Yip had previously coached the team.


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