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What’s next for Valde?

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Today Heroic announced it will bench Valde. He’s one of the hottest prospects in the Danish CS:GO scene, and the benching comes as a surprise. He was Heroic’s most consistent player on LAN and the star player. As I don’t think he’d accept just sitting around on the bench, the question is where to now for Valde?

Lurppis yesterday made a good argument that NiP could use a player of his talents. The problem with that is I assume the four core players of NiP will stay the same and I don’t think Valde will take up the fifth role.

So then what about North? A representative of North said no. Take that with a grain of salt, but the question is what are you trying to improve on North right now? CT-sides and consistency. While Valde has consistency, he also hasn’t played at this level yet so it’d be a gamble. Additionally Valde adds an aggressive element in a team that has two aggressive elements in star players Magisk and k0nfig. By role, he could potentially replace one of them. But in terms of performance, it seems more likely he’d replace aizy. (I’d prefer bringing back in RUBINO, but RUBINO seems to want to build a future Norwegian team).

There is no other team I can think of, but there are hypotheticals.

First, we have to imagine a world where NiP is willing to break up the core four (except for GTR and f0rest as their brand power is too strong). There is Heroic itself which seems to be changing things. Finally, there is Godsent and Epsilon. There are two free agents in Pimp, Maikelele and Cadian. Given these elements running around, there are multiple iterations we could get. The next bit ignores buyout costs.

For NiP: You ideally want the Lurppis stack (Snappi, Valde, f0rest, GeT_RighT and draken). The problem with that is NiP might not trade out its core, even at this dire of a strait. Snappi himself likely won’t leave Heroic. Finally, the question is what role GTR plays in this group. I think he should be moved toward a supportive role and let Valde, forest and draken take priority.

Another possible stack is the Thorin stack (pronax, Twist, GTR, forest and either freddieb/draken). This stack was theorized before we knew Valde was a possibility on the market, in which case I think Valde is the better choice over freddieb and draken. In this version, I don’t think Twist will go to NiP because he never wants to play for NiP. — in which case you could go Valde instead of twist and go for the freddieb/draken route.

For Heroic, I assume they’re sticking with its four main core and will bring in some new Danish rising talent from its inexhaustible pool of talent. While I think Cadian is good, heroic already has a main AWP with jugi.

For Godsent, I think they need to switch a lot of things. Only pronax and Twist must stay. After that, they have a lot of choices but must have a lot of talent to make up for pronax’s abysmal recent form. For lurk they can either move Znajder back to that role and make him a main point for that team (as he was when the first lineup with pauf was created last year), or they can take Pimp. This is where the paths diverge. You could go for an AWPer, in which case either Maikelele or Cadian work. Or you could go for a rising talent with skill, in which case I’d pick either REZ or freddieb. I’d change the fifth depending on if you go for Znajder or Pimp as the lurk role. If it’s Znajder, I’d go for lekro as he already has built in synergy with the rest of the team. If it’s Pimp, I’d go for either Xizt or Friberg. Xizt will be the supportive player with some skill and he could work as a second caller for the team. Or if you want a dedicated entry fragger, go the Friberg route.


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