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Newbee finalizes summer split roster with the signing of Corn

Newbee Gaming announced a 12-person League of Legends roster for the summer split
Newbee Gaming announced a 12-person League of Legends roster for the summer split of the League of Legends Pro League in China.

Chinese League of Legends team Newbee finalized a massive 12-person roster ahead of the League of Legends Pro League summer split.

Newbee Gaming announced its summer split roster through its Weibo account on Saturday. Newbee also announced it has signed on Lei “Corn” Wen, previously on Royal Club as a mid laner, while Yu “Cool” Jia-Jun moved to LGD on the same day.

Part of 2014’s second place finish at the League of Legends World Championship, Corn was part of Royal Club for the majority of his career, aside from some brief stints with Team King.

With this final acquisition, Newbee now has at least one substitute for each role in the game. The top laners are Bao “V” Bo and Fan “Skye” Qi-Fang, the junglers are Baek “Swift” Da-hoon, Li “Dream6” Xiang, and Hong “HanXuan” Hao, the mid laners are Shin “CoCo” Jin-young and Corn, the AD Carries are Yu “Happy” Rui, Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang, and Vasilli, and the supports are Zhang “Mor” Hong-Wei and Liu “Pinus” Qing-Song. At 12 people, it might be the largest roster in League of Legends history.

Newbee finished fourth in its group during the LPL spring split with a record of 6-10.


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