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CJ Entus replaces head coach Reach with Vinylcat

CJ Entus made a coaching change and replaced Reach (Park Jung-suk) with Chae "Vinylcat" Woo-chul
After failing to re-qualify for League Champions Korea, CJ Entus made a coaching change and replaced Reach (Park Jung-suk) with Chae "Vinylcat" Woo-chul.

After a failed attempt at qualifying for League Champions Korea, CJ Entus made a coaching change.

CJ announced Tuesday on Facebook head coach Park “Reach” Jung-suk resigned from his position. Chae “Vinylcat” Woo-chul will replace him for the coming summer split of Challengers Korea.

Reach has been with CJ Entus since November 2015. Previously a StarCraft player for KT Rolster, he started his coaching career with Najin’s League of Legends teams from 2012 to 2015 before signing with CJ Entus.

Despite Reach’s best efforts, CJ Entus barely escaped the threat of relegation in last year’s LCK spring split by placing seventh. The team then placed ninth in the summer split and was relegated from the LCK after losing to Kongdoo Monster and ESC Ever in the promotional tournament.

In Challengers Korea this spring, CJ showed incredible promise toward an LCK return by going undefeated. CJ suffered its first loss to Ever8 Winners in the finals of the playoffs but still qualified for the summer promotion tournament. But CJ lost to Kongdoo 2-1, and was eliminated by Ever8 2-0, failing to make it back to the LCK and ending the split with a three match losing streak after going undefeated until that point.

Vinylcat was previously the support player for Najin e-mFire and White Shield before his transition as a coach in 2013. Most recently, he was the coach of Kongdoo Monster, which was relegated in 2016’s LCK summer split but managed to make re-qualify for LCK this spring — though Kongdoo then finished in last place and was again relegated.


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