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Purchasing skins in champion select could be returning to League of Legends

Purchasing skins in champion select could return to League of Legends soon
Purchasing skins in champion select could return to League of Legends soon, according to the latest PBE update.

Purchasing skins in champion select could soon return to League of Legends, according to the latest PBE update.

This is a feature that has been at the front page of the League of Legends subreddit multiple times. As a previous feature that was scrapped — for some reason — many users were aching to be able to give Riot money in order to buy skins in more ways. The kinks are still being worked out, but the most important bug is “no celebration after purchase.” Who wouldn’t want to be celebrated for spending money on a bunch of 0s and 1s?

Ahri gets some nerfs, needs to land more charms

Ahri has been at the top of the mid laner tier lists for a long time. With large amounts of burst, high mobility and even decent sustain in lane, it’s not difficult to see why she’s so popular. Perhaps she was a little too powerful.

Riot is testing out some nerfs to the AP ratios of her W and R abilities, making that she does less damage. But Riot also increased the AP ratio of her Charm, perhaps rewarding those players that can reliably land the skill shot in order to burst them down.

Caitlyn attacks slower without items, and can’t get stacks of her passive with Runaan’s Hurricane

Caitlyn rose as one of the more powerful AD Carry choices with her high damage output and burst that comes from her passive. For a long time, the item Runaan’s Hurricane’s passive of splitting auto attacks to multiple targets in range allowed her to stack her passive — which gives her an empowered shot every eight shot. That means if there are additional targets around the primary, she could deal extra damage almost every other shot. Also given that Runaan’s Hurricane gives the user more attack speed, that’s a lot of damage very quickly.

Caitlyn also got a slight nerf in her base attack speed, meaning that she hits that ceiling of efficient damage per second at a later time rather than earlier on. Riot Meddler did mention last week that they were looking to tweak her in a number of ways, and it’s not sure if these were the intended fixes.

Malzahar gets another rework

After being one of the most powerful supports in the game, Malzahar has been in an awkward spot competitively. So Riot decided to rework him again in hopes of getting him back into the game.

Buffs have been applied across the board with his Q getting a lower cast time at the cost of a slight post-cast delay, and a higher AP ratio of 80 percent. His E also got an AP ratio boost as well, and his ultimate got a slight nerf to the damage but another source of damage was added with 115 percent AP ratio, meaning that it’ll hurt a lot when it hits.

His W was the focus of the rework with the most interesting part being the Voidlings that get summoned as part of the skill. Instead of a set number of three hits being able to take them down, they have a health stat of their own that scales off of levels. The rest of the states such as attack speed, armor, and magic resist moved from static numbers to steady increases based on level.

Not everything is a buff, though. Voidlings now last for a shorter period of time, move slower, tower shots kill Voidlings instantly, and no longer gains movement speed when running to priority targets.

As always, these changes aren’t final, and some could be different or not go through at all. But this is what is being tested this time around.


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