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Team Liquid returns Goldenglue to starting mid laner, piglet to AD Carry

Team Liquid will return goldenglue to starting mid laner and piglet to AD Carry for the NA LCS summer split.
Team Liquid will return Goldenglue (Greyson Gilmer) to starting mid laner and piglet (Chae Gwang-jin) to AD Carry for the NA LCS summer split.

Team Liquid turned back to square with its roster choices for the summer split of the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Liquid announced Tuesday its roster for the summer split. After a turbulent spring in which Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer stepped down as the mid laner in the middle of the season and Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin moved from AD Carry to play in the mid lane, both players will return to the roles in which they started the season.

Goldenglue went to Korea during the break between splits in order to train and told Slingshot May 15 the trip helped him put into perspective many aspects about his game and personality.

“I figured out how I reacted more to the types of food I eat and how much energy it gives me,” he said. “I learned about how much focus I need to play League. I think I learned a lot about my boundaries from my trip. I think I can really take that back and apply it to my next season.”

Team Liquid struggled throughout the spring split, placing ninth with a record of 5-13. The team tried all sorts of options to improve its play, but none of them seemed to work. Liquid acquired Team SoloMid AD Carry Yiliang “DoubleLift” Peng on loan for the second half of the spring split while also enlisting former Phoenix1 support Adrian “Adrian” Ma in the support role.

The team narrowly avoided relegation and will now return to its previous lineup for the summer split. Support player Matthew “Matt” Elento has also reclaimed the role of starting support.


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