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Never trust in Coach Kang

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

The current League of Legends roster of Longzhu is: Rascal, Cuzz, Bdd, Pray and Gorilla. On paper, this looks like a fine team, but I feel like everyone needs to remember this is Longzhu. Longzhu has a history of failing in team leagues that runs all the way back to when they were founded in StarCraft 2 and was still known as Incredible Miracle. The natural question is how do you fail a team league in a 1-v-1 game like SC2? The answer is that they had one of the most stacked lineups early in SC2 and consistently fielded out their B-team players to get experience instead. While I understand the methodology, I was never convinced it was really working since other teams didn’t have to sacrifice their team league results to raise players.

This spirit has moved on into their League of Legends team. Everyone was certain Smeb and Reignover were trashers and perhaps they were. But they then went on to become great players after leaving the IM squad. When they got the investment from Longzhu, they made a “super” team that underwhelmed and to this day still underwhelms. Some teams create legacies of winning. IM-Longzhu has created a legacy of getting good players and doing nothing with them.


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