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KeSPA explains why SKT plays on Day 2 of LCK schedule after quick turnaround from MSI

KeSPA explained sky SKT plays on Day 2 of the LCK schedule.
KeSPA explained sky SKT plays on Day 2 of the LCK (League Champions Korea) schedule after a short layoff following the Mid-Season Invitational.

The Korean e-Sports Association explained its decision making process behind the League Champions Korea (LCK) schedule for the summer split.

KeSPA released a statement about how it approached the LCK schedule, specifically regarding SK telecom T1 after returning from the Mid-Season Invitational. SKT’s first match takes place Wednesday, the second day of the split, which is something Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok found to be “rather quick,” in an interview with Daily eSports.

Although it seems like an unreasonable slot due to their fatigue and lack of practice because of MSI, KeSPA said that it took as many measures as possible to accommodate SKT’s unique predicament.

“This year’s schedule for the summer split was locked in early this year, and the schedule for this year’s Mid-Season Invitational was longer than before,” KeSPA’s statement read. “The management team for the LCK thought it would be very difficult to expect SKT to immediately play right after MSI, seeing as they were expected to do very well. As such, the LCK has decided to lock in SKT to play on Wednesday, May 31 before starting the raffle for the schedule after speaking with all the teams competing in the LCK.”

With the schedule being determined by a raffle — a method chosen to ensure fairness across all of the teams — KeSPA chose to guarantee that SKT would play on the second day as opposed to potentially playing in the first one. Although an argument could be made that SKT’s schedule should have been pushed further back in the first week, KeSPA wrote that because two matches are played each day, five days per week, such an adjustment “would make the fair distribution of the number and frequency of games difficult.”

In the future, the LCK schedule will go under further examination it seems, given the changing nature of schedules and international tournaments that require travel, such as the recently announced “Rift Rivals.”

“The management of the LCK and Riot Games will be re-evaluating methods of restrictions and fine-tuning so that Korean teams can play at peak conditioning both in overseas and domestic competitions,” KeSPA wrote.


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