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LeBlanc could get yet another rework in a future League of Legends patch

League of Legends Champion LeBlanc could receive yet another rework
League of Legends Champion LeBlanc could receive yet another rework. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games seems like it will once again perform a rework for the League of Legends Champion Leblanc.

Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon shared another set of possible gameplay tweaks Thursday, and he said changes are being tested on LeBlanc for yet another rework on the champion since her last overhaul in the preseason.

Riot just can’t come to a consensus on what to do with LeBlanc, it seems. Either one of the most contested picks in the game or not picked at all, Meddler describes her as “a problematic character historically” in a lot of different ways. With another substantial investment of development time, the discussion boiled down to three major problematic traits.

The first is that she gets to get the benefits of strong burst damage like an assassin but none of the risk for going all-in due to her high mobility. The second is that in the right hands, she’s near impossible to nail down in the laning phase, again due to her mobility and decoy usage. The last one is that her kit gives her a very strong early game, which, when worked with her high mobility, makes her opponent miserable.

Meddler pretty much confirmed it’ll take more than “just balance work,” which could mean a top-down rework or changing the way her abilities work. The timing is still up in the air as it will be quite the task to perform. It was also unclear how much of a rework it will be.

It’s all in the air.

Updated subclasses

As reported Thursday, subclasses have been updated, where you can read all about the new classification of League’s 130 character roster.

Icon updates for older items are coming

With item updates come icon updates for those items, but what about older ones? Well, no worries! Meddler says the team is planning steady updates to item icons, but that comes with an asterisk. Unlike Champion icons, items need to be immediately identifiable, which makes updates slightly more difficult. Users can be rest assured that whatever changes do happen will come with proper thought.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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