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North is in serious talks about acquiring Valde from Heroic

Benched Heroic player Valde is close to joining North, according to multiple sources.
Benched Heroic player Valde (Valdemar Bjørn Vangså) is close to joining North, according to multiple sources. Photo courtesy of DreamHack

Danish Counter-Strike team North is in serious discussions about acquiring benched Heroic player Valdemar “Valde” Bjørn Vangså, according to multiple sources close to both organizations.

If the deal goes through, Valde will replace Philip “aizy” Aistrup on the team. Earlier this week, North practiced with an unknown player in aizy’s place, and multiple sources said they believed it was Valde playing on an alternate account. Valde’s contract ends at the end of next month, according to a source, which makes the negotiation process between both teams a bit more difficult.

North has struggled to implement aizy since acquiring him from FaZe Clan in February. North reached the semifinals of DreamHack Las Vegas, its first event with aizy, but has since suffered upsets at three consecutive LANs. It is unclear at this time if aizy will attend the ESL Pro League Finals next week in Dallas, Texas. Ultimately, it depends on if the acquisition of Valde can be finalized prior to their departure for the event.

Valde was benched by Heroic coach Henrik “FeTiSh” Christensen after he started pursuing other opportunities with the team following its failure in the European PGL Minor Qualifier. Valde has been widely regarded as one of the best prospects in all of CS:GO and especially Denmark. He has shown the ability to play well on LAN and performed well when he previously stood in for North (then Team Dignitas) at the Esports Championship Series Season 2 Finals.

As Richard Lewis reported, RFRSH Entertainment, which represents Heroic, is in charge of negotiating any potential move Valde makes until his contract runs out. Neither North nor RFRSH responded to request for comment.

Cover photo courtesy of DreamHack.


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