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Overwatch dominated fan metrics on Tumblr in the last year

Overwatch dominated fandom on Tumblr in the last year since its release.
Overwatch dominated fandom on Tumblr in the last year since its release, with a reported 150 million engagements.

Overwatch fandom has finally been measured — at least on Tumblr — to reveal massive engagement numbers in the one year since the game’s release.

The Tumblr Staff posted a measure called “Fandometrics,” which showed just how much engagement a single following could generate in the realm of Tumblr blogs. Unsurprisingly, Overwatch had one of the largest most active fandoms on the website, but the sheer magnitude of engagement was rather staggering.

Over the course of 358 days, #overwatch was the second most trending tag during that time, according to Tumblr. It generated 150 million engagements on Tumblr alone. To put into context, it outstripped generic tags such as #gif — which came in fifth — and #art — which came in seventh. The fandom of the game actually hit top tags in the video game category two months prior to release.

The post also broke down the most popular characters in the fandom, with Reaper coming in first among offensive heroes (20.07 percent), Junkrat among defensive (32.26 percent), D.Va among tanks (39.12 percent), Mercy among support heroes (43.3 percent), and the list even featured a non-playable category with the child genius behind Orisa, Efi Oladele (52.7 percent).

From fan art, shipping wars, or just simple discussion, Overwatch dominated Tumblr’s metric for a long time, perhaps one of the most popular video games in Tumblr history.


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