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Riot Games clarifies reasoning behind 10-ban system coming to League of Legends regular play

Riot Games explained the 10-ban system coming to regular League of Legends play.
Riot Games explained the 10-ban system coming to regular League of Legends play.

Riot Games explained the newly-implemented 10-ban system for regular players in League of Legends and how it measures against other potential options.

Ben “Draggles” Forbes clarified the reasoning behind the new 10-ban system that will be implemented in regular play of League of Legends, a feature that has been asked for by the community for some time. Breaking down the goals of the 10-ban system and having direct comparisons, Draggles compared the current plan to other potential options that existed.

The criteria of the new draft system was to achieve three goals of equalizing player agency, removing the random Champion select order for bans, and reducing the time it takes to get into a game. The conclusion that Draggles put forth is that the simultaneous bans is the best of the bunch in achieving those goals. Everyone gets a ban, there is no random order to ban, and it would take a lot less time to get into Champion select.

The new system does have some drawbacks in terms of having potential duplicates and not knowing what the opponent wishes to remove from the field. The trade off is that everyone gets a ban, and it reduces the chance of permanent bans on certain champions. This is the first time regular play will see a stark contrast from professional play, but Draggles writes that “the benefits of this system outweigh the costs.”

There were four other options in esports draft, alternating bans, snake draft, and captain’s draft. The first three, though they certainly can offer a strategic look into the drafting phase, were not well-suited for regular games that aren’t made up of five players who have proper planning and communication. They also run the risk of making the drafting phase too long, something that the developers focused on reducing. As for Captain’s draft, the obvious issue is that one player randomly gets the ability to ban, and though the banning phase could be short, it removed player agency from four of the five players.


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