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The ultimate battle of ultimate destiny, Bisu vs. Shine

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Tonight comes a battle long in the making. Bisu and Shine will meet again in the ASL semifinals. For those who don’t know, Bisu is the greatest Protoss to ever touch the game of Brood War. He was nicknamed the revolutionist for solving the game of P-v-Z after years of it being Z favored. He is a hero of the race and beloved by fans because of his incredible mechanical prowess and skill.

And then there is Shine, a player who spent his career making a name for himself by cheesing his betters. A true competitive spirit who seemed to understand that if he couldn’t be better than his opponents, he’d find a way to steal victory anyway. H famously kept knocking out Bisu and Stork in quals with 3 hatch hydra builds and has a famously even record against Bisu in tournaments — despite the former being about 20 times better. In a way, Shine exists to prove to the world that evil and spite can win. He may be more responsible for the death of possibly hype matchups more than any player in history.

Tonight in ASL they finally square off. The interesting thing to note is that Shine showed a new side of himself in the quarterfinals as he beat Mong with a bunch of well thought out strategies and tactics that were pre-prepared or improvised on the spot. He did a fake drop into busting through the front. He proxied a hatch to build a nydus. He did a guardian-hydra push to secure another game. All great things, so what then will he do tonight? I bet in every game he plays he’ll do a 3 hatch hydra build. It is who he is at the bottom of it all. Bisu should win. He is by far the better player. But that doesn’t seem to matter, as Shine has proven evil can have its day.


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