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Blizzard investigates unintended nerf to to Overwatch hero Reinhardt

Blizzard appeared to accidentally nerf Overwatch hero Reinhardt.
Blizzard appeared to accidentally nerf Overwatch hero Reinhardt.

Blizzard is investigating an apparent unintended nerf to the Overwatch hero Reinhardt.

One of the latest update items in the most recent Overwatch patch was a change to Reinhardt’s ultimate, “Earthshatter,” so that it wouldn’t affect targets too high up from the earth that his hammer was shattering. But the change also appeared to affect Reinhardt’s hammer itself.

The issue was brought to attention Saturday by a Reddit user, and Blizzard confirmed the ultimate change also affected Reinhardt’s hammer itself. The bug was later reported on Blizzard’s forums.

Before the update, Reinhardt’s hammer would hit its opponents halfway through the swing, but after the latest patch, the hit registers only after a full swing, doubling the time needed for Reinhardt players to do any damage.

There isn’t any update as to how long the fix will take or when it’ll take effect as of now. Season 5 of competitive Overwatch begins Wednesday.


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