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KT Rolster removes Chance from active roster amid reports of account boosting

KT Rolster removed Chance from its roster amid reports of account boosting.
KT Rolster removed Chance (Lee Chan-dong) from its League of Legends roster amid reports of account boosting.

KT Rolster removed its most recent signing, Lee “Chance” Chan-dong, from the roster Tuesday amid reports of account boosting and poor personal conduct.

KT announced the decision Tuesday to remove Chance from its League of Legends roster after a recent revelation on Inven’s League of Legends community forums. The team said it will work with the Korean e-Sports Association to determine Chance’s eligibility for being a professional player.

The problems started over the weekend when an Inven poster, who claims to be a friend of Chance, said Chance was a regular account booster — someone who plays on another player’s account in order to push them to a higher ranking — and shared accounts with a number of people. The claims were backed up with screen shots of chat logs with Chance, which corroborated his relationship with him. Apart from boosting and account sharing, the poster also alleged Chance often made highly inflammatory and personally insulting remarks to the writer.

The Korean community also had a visceral reaction toward allegations Chance frequented another online community forum called Ilbe Storehouse, one of the most controversial and hated websites in Korea. Questions regarding Chance’s character seem to stem from that revelation, with many saying that Chance shouldn’t be allowed to become a professional player because of his ties to Ilbe Storehouse, a 4chan-like website.

Korean professionals being accused of account sharing or boosting isn’t unique to Chance, but his personal conduct will also likely play a role in KT’s and KeSPA’s decision to give him a chance of going pro. Neither Chance nor KeSPA has yet made a statement on the matter as the time of this writing.


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