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Blizzard releases teaser of Hammond, a lunar colony gorilla and potential new Overwatch hero

Blizzard teased that Hammond, a lunar colony gorilla who could be a new Overwatch hero.
Blizzard teased that Hammond, a lunar colony gorilla who could be a new Overwatch hero.

Blizzard teased the potential for a new Overwatch hero, a gorilla named Hammond.

Blizzard released a mock news story on its game development blog teasing that another gorilla might be on the loose. Along with the super intelligent gorilla Winston, there seems to be another such specimen not yet accounted for, known only as Hammond.

Hammond is also a gorilla from the Horizon Lunar Colony, one of the specimens that was undergoing “genetic manipulation” for scientific reasons, and looking at how the colony was soon overrun by super intelligent gorillas, Hammond seems to be one of the smarter ones that were on the base.

Most notably, Hammond has been to be located for some time, and he is the only other gorilla from the lunar colony who is currently unaccounted for. Seeing as how Winston is part of the revitalized Overwatch initiative and off the moon, Hammond’s absence is a mystery that has yet to be solved.

This post followed comments from the game’s lead designer, Jeff Kaplan, who said new hero news could be “just over the horizon.” Whether or not that will be Hammond is yet to be seen, but Blizzard’s post certainly is intriguing to those clamoring for another character to be able to play.


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