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New Overwatch map Horizon Lunar Colony, set on the moon, hits Public Test Region

A new Overwatch assault map, Horizon Lunar Colony, takes place on the moon and could hit a future patch.
A new Overwatch assault map, Horizon Lunar Colony, takes place on the moon and could hit a future patch. It was released to the Public Test Region (PTR) on Wednesday.

A new Overwatch assault map that’s set on the moon could be coming to the game soon, as it was released Wednesday into the game’s Public Test Region.


The latest assault map is named the Horizon Lunar Colony, and is placed on the moon base that was present in the lore, most prominently in the story of Winston, the gorilla scientist. Other custom game changes will be applied with the lunar base with customizable jump heights and knock backs to reflect the low-gravity environment of the moon, as well as modifying the gravitational pull of both projectiles and players.

Here’s a look at some of the other potential changes being kicked around in the PTR.

The two bonus skins that were tied to Heroes of the Storm will be available via loot boxes

The Oni Genji and Officer D.Va skins, previously only available for players that played Heroes of the Storm during a specific event, have been added to loot boxes so that all players have a random chance of unlocking them. This change was most likely applied because the console players can’t access those skins, as they can’t play Heroes of the Storm on console. Those who suffered through HotS for the sole purpose of unlocking those skins are no longer part of an exclusive club.

McCree can ult a lot quicker

Future cowboy McCree might get bump with his ultimate, shortening the cast time on his ultimate from 0.8 seconds to 0.2, make it much more of a thematic quickdraw. The damage increase in the first second of holding the cast went from 20 to 80, making him capable of doing a lot more damage a lot quicker, so even in the event of McCree’s death, he can take some with him.

Reaper literally life steals

Instead of picking up orbs that give him health after he claims the life of a victim, Reaper can now just get health back depending on how many of his shotgun shots connect with enemies, with 20 percent of damage dealt coming back as health. This could also mean he gains health back with head shots that do a lot more damage, as well as his ultimate, which does area damage all around him. This might be the return of the horrid “Beyblade Meta” that had reapers thrown in the middle of enemies to kill everyone.

Roadhog gets a smaller head and a better gun

Roadhog’s hit box for his head got smaller, which means more survivability for the Australian mad man, and while his scrap gun took a 30 percent hit in damage, it has a faster fire rate and a clip size increase from four to five. This means Roadhog can deal more damage per second and stay alive longer, being a sturdier tank choice.


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