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Kennen, Fiora, Galio all set to be nerfed in future League of Legends patch; 10-ban system goes live

Kennen, Fiora and Galio will all be nerfed in a coming League of Legends patch, and the 10-ban system has gone live
Kennen, Fiora and Galio will all be nerfed in a coming League of Legends patch, and the 10-ban system has gone live. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Kennen, Fiora and Galio will all be nerfed in League of Legends Patch 7.13, it appears.

In a developer diary published Thursday, Riot Games Andrei “Meddler” van Roon showcased some new features, which includes nerfs to the three champions in an upcoming patch. He also wrote about a vote to see what keystone mastery will make its way through the new rune system.

With a major overhaul in the rune system for League of Legends coming — which includes making runes free for all players, as well as combining runes and masteries together — there was only a small idea on what kind of “game changing” mechanics would be introduced.

Meddler wrote that Riot plans to transition some of the keystones players have already been accustomed to into the new system, and he posted a poll of which ones players would like to see return. Of course the poll doesn’t guarantee that the mastery chosen will be implemented, and even if it would, it’ll be going through some changes. Regardless, if players wanted a forum on the topic, the blog post would be the best place at the moment.

Nerfs and Buffs in 7.13

Meddler posted a neat list of champions expected to be buffed and nerfed in patch 7.13.

Kennen, Fiora, and Galio will be nerfed. Those three champions have been rather dominant in competitive play in the top lane, and as such will be toned down. Cho’Gath, Poppy, Gnar, Trundle, and Maokai will all be buffed, which indicates that Riot wants to put some strength in the tanky top laner choices, as all of those champions can be easily played in the top lane.

10 bans made possible in all servers

The new simultaneous 10-ban system has been implemented in all regions, and the goals Riot set are being met. Champion select times are lower, dodge rates have been fairly the same, and Yasuo’s been spiking in bans.

So, you know, same old.

CC Scores at the end-game screen

Riot’s been toying with the idea on how to measure a player’s influence in a game, and the latest announcement of Crowd Control is another part of that. Meddler writes that the stat will be available at the end of the game, and will be shipping in the next patch, 7.12.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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