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LGD Gaming announces plans to move to Hangzhou to abide by future “home-and-away” system in LPL

LGD Gaming will move its operations to Hangzhou.
LGD Gaming will move its operations to Hangzhou to abide by the League of Legends Pro League's "home and away" system.

Chinese esports organization LGD Gaming will apparently move to the city of Hangzhou and build an arena for its teams.

In accordance to the League of Legends Pro League “Home and Away” system for 2018, LGD announced Thursday on Weibo its plans to move its major gaming teams, including Dota 2 and League of Legends, to Hangzhou in September of this year, according to a translation of the post from Yahoo’s Kelsey Moser.

LGD reportedly has a special connection with Hangzhou, as it was LGD’s birthplace in 2012 and was also the city where LGD won its first LPL title in 2015. The team will be relocated to Star Studios, a movie theater based in Hangzhou, according to the report. LGD plans to use the facilities to create a gaming hall that can accommodate 600 viewers, and will also relocate its media team and support staff in September.

LGD’s more ambitious plan for 2018 is to create a larger venue with 3,000 seats, hoping to appeal to both patrons of Chinese cinema and esports, with the ability to create a unique union of both viewing experiences.

The new structure for the LPL comes amid changing structures in other regions. Franchising the LPL began this summer, and the plan for 2018 is for the LPL to set in three to five cities, creating a complete home-and-away system. LGD is the first LPL team to announce its permanent location.

The North American region will also franchise beginning next year, though Europe and Korea will remain — at least in the short term — the way they are currently run.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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