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Team Liquid enters FIFA with signing of Kongen

Team Liquid signed Kongen to be its first FIFA player.
Team Liquid signed Kongen (Lasse Bækkelund) to be its first FIFA player.

Team Liquid entered professional FIFA on Thursday by announcing the signing of Lasse “Kongen” Bækkelund.

Kongen will represent Liquid in future FIFA tournaments. He is set to qualify for one of the 32 spots of the grand final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, which will take place in August.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be the first FIFA player to compete for Team Liquid, particularly at such an exciting time as I head into the FIWC Europe Regional Final,” Kongen said in a news release. “Joining Team Liquid will give me new opportunities, plus knowledge and support to help me grow and improve as a player. I can’t wait to compete for a team that has a storied history in esports, and hope to add the first ever FIFA trophy to Team Liquid’s list of achievements.”

Kongen was previously a member of OB Odense, and will be operating out of his home country of Denmark and work with coaches and managers stationed in both USA and the Netherlands. He is also expected to stream under the Team Liquid banner and work with the sponsors associated with Liquid.

“Lasse is a fantastic talent, with incredible work ethic and I’m looking forward to him competing as a Team Liquid player at FIWC,” Victor Goossens, Team Liquid co-CEO, said in the release. “The competitive FIFA landscape, until now, has been dominated by players backed by traditional soccer teams. We’re one of the first global esports franchises to enter this arena. I’m excited by the opportunity FIFA and the FIWC presents to engage both traditional soccer and esport communities and can’t wait to see Team Liquid make its mark in the space.”

Soccer teams have largely controlled the professional FIFA scene, as organizations such as Manchester City, Wolfsburg and West Ham United — among others — have signed FIFA players.


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