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Bengi will sit out League of Legends summer split

Bengi said he will sit out the summer split of League of Legends.
Three-time world champion Bengi (Bae Seong-ung) said he will sit out the summer split of League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Reigning League of Legends world champion Bae “Bengi” Seong-ung said he will sit out the summer split before deciding the future of his career.

Bengi played for Vici Gaming in China during the spring split but was relegated from League of Legends Pro League. He has not signed with a team since then and told Fomos’ Park Sang-jin he plans to sit out the split.

“It’ll be good if I can return to play next year,” he said, adding he hopes fans aren’t too concerned about him.

Bengi is one of two three-time world champions in League of Legends history, alongside his former teammate Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok on SK Telecom T1. Bengi even earned the title “Right hand of God” while playing with Faker, but his time since leaving SKT has not been as fruitful.

He did say, however, that he was proud of his successor, Kang “Blank” Sun-gu, who has split time in the jungle with Han “Peanut” Wan-ho during this season.

“After MSI they didn’t have a lot of time to rest, so I was worried, but I did get to see how they play and they’re playing well, so I don’t have anything to worry about,” Bengi said. “I didn’t get to see Blank play but I’ve read articles saying that he played very well after being subbed in, so I’m very proud of him.”

After his departure from China’s ViCi Gaming, which got relegated during the 2017 spring split of the LPL, Bengi said he has been spending his time “doing things that I couldn’t while I was a professional player,” such as a vacation to Japan, seeing old friends, and playing some other games that he didn’t have the chance to play.

He has also been able to receive some gifts from his fans through his friends. He expressed gratitude towards the fans who “keep me in their thoughts,” and that it made him happy to still have the support of his fans despite his time away from play.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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