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Blizzard bans Dafran from Overwatch Contenders and remainder of competitive season for stream comments

Blizzard suspended Dafran from Overwatch Contenders for saying he'd throw matches on his stream.
Blizzard suspended Dafran (Daniel Francesca) from Overwatch Contenders for saying he'd throw matches on his stream.

Blizzard levied a heavy penalty Thursday against an Overwatch Contenders participant for bad behavior.

Blizzard suspended Daniel “Dafran” Francesca from accessing his Overwatch accounts for a week and banned him from competitive play for the remainder of Season 5. Dafran will also be banned from Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, will not be eligible for Overwatch Contenders Season One, and is disqualified from all future Blizzard-sanctioned tournament play for the duration of this competitive season, according to the announcement.

The decision is following Dafran’s recent stream, during which he played both Overwatch and an erotic visual novel “Nekopara,” and continuously declared he intends to intentionally throw games of Overwatch.

No penalties have be levied to his team, Selfless, which will be able to compete with a substitute player. In a separate statement from Selfless, the team said that it intends to “be assisting him in finding the help, counseling, and guidance that he needs to improve his mental and emotional well-being.”

Dafran offered two posts regarding his actions, the first of which was in the form of a Twitlonger that told readers to “go fuck themselves” and that he didn’t care about his career but will aim to reform himself for the sake of his team. The second was a short tweet, in which he said he “deserved” the punishment being put upon him.


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