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North American Challenger Series adopts best-of-three format

Riot Games changed the format of the North American Challenger Series to a best-of-three.
Riot Games changed the format of the North American Challenger Series to a best-of-three. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

The North American Challenger Series will adopt the best-of-three format used in the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

Riot Games announced Wednesday the secondary league will switch formats for the summer split, which started Thursday. The format will move from consecutive best-of-two matches into a double best-of-three over the course of two days. The reason for the switch was due to the teams wanting to “overwhelmingly” switch to the new format after discussion.

The regular season will last five weeks and end July 14. The teams will also take a break for the Rift Rivals event next month just like the NA LCS teams. The Challenger playoffs will also mimic the LCS with best-of-five series, and the promotional tournament will still take place even though the LCS will franchise next year, so the winners will not advance.

Only one match per week will be streamed, though, during the regular split as Riot will put its focus “to prepare for the upcoming Academy League.” Riot will also retire Challenger VODs, giving the replays to the teams separately. All playoff games will be streamed as scheduled.

The broadcasted games will be as follows:

Week 2 – June 15: Delta Fox (DFX) vs. Big Gods Jackals (BIG), 8 p.m. ET

Week 3 – June 22: CLG Academy (CLA) vs. Tempo Storm (TS), 8 p.m ET

Week 4 – June 29: Tempo Storm (TS) vs. Gold Coin United (GCU), 8 p.m ET

Week 5 – July 13: eUnited (EUN) vs. Big Gods Jackals (BIG), 8 p.m. ET


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