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Possible improvements to the PGL CS:GO overlay

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

As the PGL Minors have gone on, the tournament organizers experimented with making the observer UI better. I’ll go ahead and write some things I found good and bad for both. But before that, what makes a good observer UI? I’m not a producer so I’ll just give my take on it so that you can understand what criteria I’m using. I think a good observer UI gives as much relevant information as possible in the shortest amount of time while remaining simple and unobtrusive.

Now onto the good points: I like the fact that they have included the money of each player. This helps casters and spectators keep track of the pace of the economic game. The picture they use is better for the players compared to the old ones where they have their face in a square. It feels cleaner and takes up less space on the screen because the guns aren’t pointing out like the old UI.

Things to improve:

1. I preferred the old UI’s green crosshair to the white crosshair of this one as it makes it easier to see.

2. The color scheme of the new radar is better, but the old one was better by default because it was larger. The radar should be a big bigger.

3. The player bars should be larger and moved up a bit toward the center. The reason is because you want to minimize the amount of eye movement a spectator does while glancing between weaponry/radar and the main screen.

4. Move the picture/hp/ammo bar to the very bottom. Since everything else is aligned toward the border, it’s out of place as the only thing that isn’t. In addition to that, you can move the HP/armor and ammo to the very bottom edges as hardcore fans will instinctively look that way when watching the game.

5. Get rid of the small delay between a player getting hurt and the hp bar decreasing on screen. I don’t know if that is possible, though.

Finally these are things I am mostly ambivalent on and don’t know if they can be integrated for various reasons:

1. The pulsing bomb timer. I can see why it’s distracting visually, though it does heighten tension. You’ll have to ask a broader audience than me as I don’t have a strong opinion on this one way or another

2.  Maybe include an overlay during freeze time that shows who won what round.

3. Include stats in the UI. While this could be a good addition, I feel that including them could add a bit too much information to process, so I’m ambivalent on this one.

Overall I think PGL is doing a good job pushing forward the UI, but these are things I think can improve what they have right now.


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