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Misfits drops peacemaker from head coach position

Misfits dropped peacemaker as Counter-Strike coach, according to sources.
Misfits dropped peacemaker (Luis Tadeu) as its Counter-Strike coach, according to sources.

UPDATE: The headline has been altered to clarify the move. Peacemaker has been dropped as the head coach of Misfits but will remain with the organization in a different role.

North American Counter-Strike team Misfits has dropped Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu from the head coaching position, according to multiple sources.

Peacemaker burst onto the CS:GO scene after finding success with players who now play for Immortals, back when they played under Games Academy and Tempo Storm in 2015 and early 2016. Upon leaving, he joined Team Liquid as the coach and in-game leader. He helped Team Liquid reach the finals of the ESL One Cologne Major last July but left the team in October after five months. He joined NRG Esports as a coach/manager in November and lasted less than a month before being fired. For a brief period in February and March of this year, he coached the OpTic Gaming roster. Those players chose to continue playing without him following three events, and peacemaker moved to Misfits in April.

Peacemaker’s time as Misfits head coach lasted a total of two and a half months and included a promising result at DreamHack Tours last month. Players in the past have expressed difficulty in working with him, and it’s unclear if that played a role in this departure. Peacemaker himself admitted to have a hand in the benching of Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan prior to the PGL Americas Minor. It is unclear if that benching or Misfits’ 0-2 result at the Minor had any effect on the decision.

Misfits did not respond to requests for comment.

UPDATE (8:50 a.m. ET): Misfits CEO Ben Spoont tweeted peacemaker will remain with the organization, which Slingshot later learned means a new role. The story and headline have been updated to reflect the new information.


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