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Possible choices for Friberg

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Ninjas in Pyjamas replaced Friberg yesterday with REZ, an up-and-coming talent who has been highly sought after in the Swedish scene after the continued failures of Godsent and NiP. So where to now for Friberg? I think the three best options are as follows:

  1. Join the third best Swedish team, in this case Godsent. Godsent was also in talks to get REZ so it’s clear to me that they want some kind of change. In terms of performance, I think Godsent needs to remove discodoplan as he’d had enough time at this level and has yet to prove he can play at it.
  2. Go to America and get money. Friberg is still a big name in the community and he plays entry, which is one of the roles NA desperately needs. I don’t think he can get on a top NA team like OpTic, C9 or TL, but the ones below that could use him. He brings veteran experience, has a large name and will bring his fans with him.
  3. Do a MODDII and join the Danish scene. The Danish scene is bursting with talent but lacks some veteran experience, which Friberg can bring.

The first will be the most comfortable as he can continue living at home. The second will likely get him the most income. The third has the highest potential to be a good team.


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