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Horizon Lunar Colony coming to Overwatch map pool next week

The new Horizon Lunar Colony map will hit Overwatch next week.
Horizon Lunar Colony will hit Overwatch next week.

Overwatch players will be soon be going to the moon with the release of the new map, Horizon Lunar Colony.

Blizzard announced Wednesday the latest map addition will be added to the game next Tuesday. The four minute video encapsulated what the design team wished to capture with the project and seemed to have the focus mostly in telling a story.

The moon base is tied with the back story of the hyper intelligent gorilla scientist of Overwatch, Winston, whose past was divulged in an animated short last March titled “Recall.” The map reflected the images that started with that animation from Winston’s room as a baby — complete with a jar of peanut butter, Winston’s favorite snack — to the telescope room where he was able to see the complete Earth for the first time.

The design team also explained the Horizon colony was on the list of future locales for quite some time, and it jumped up the list recently. Other than the elements associated with Winston, other areas such as the training areas for the gorillas and hydroponic labs will also tell the story of what went tragically wrong.

For game play elements, Horizon will be the first 90 percent indoor map for Overwatch, and it will also feature low-gravity locations, such as outside the base and on the surface of the moon. Mechanically that means higher jumps, slower descents, and further pull/push back, which is sure to give way to some creative custom game modes.

Previously Blizzard gave teasers to Overwatch plans for a potential moon base map in the form of a mock news story, which also served to be a queue of the potential fate of another yet-unknown gorilla named Hammond.


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